About Us

Based in Bishops Mills, Ontario, Biologist Dr Frederick W. Schueler and his artist wife Aleta Karstad specialize in explaining the things that everyone sees but few understand. Their goal is to help individuals make sense of their place in the landscape on a local scale, and to help decision-makers to think about sustainability from an environmental perspective.

During many years of independent work in association with academia, government agencies, environmental advocacy groups, and museums, Aleta and Fred developed a network of partners and colleagues who continue to validate their science and art even though their work is increasingly independent.

These are times of rapid change. Species and populations that were once common are now vulnerable, and many suffer irreparable damage before anyone notices. Blending art with science as they write, paint, teach, and publish, their goal is to freely share their vision and their discoveries.

Contact Fred at bckcdb(at)istar.ca and Aleta at karstad(at)pinicola.ca

Phone: (613) 258-3107

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