Our Supporters

Our Supporters are an important part of our work!

Many thanks to

Larry Ayers
Harry Baker
Suzanne Barret
Mark R. Beach
Patrice Beach
Paul Berger
Soren Bondrup-Nielsen
Fenja Brodo
Stephen Butchko
Brennan Caverhill
Francis & Joyce Cook
Gwen Crist
Stephen Crowe
Christina Davy
Ted Finlayson-Schueler
Chris Foran
Amanda Giles
Amanda Gould
Tom D. Graham
William Greaves
Sylvan Grimm
Kari Gunson
Glenna Hunter
Franke James
Marie Janicke
David Bruce Johnson
Deron Johston
Elsen Karstad
Robin Kehl
Bill Kilfoyle
Robin Laurel Clugston
Robert Lee
Dierdre Lyons
David Malcolm
Steve Marks
Karine and Joseph Mathieu
Tanya McCubbin
David McNicoll
Allison Miller
Patrick Moldowan
Mollie & Anna Monette
Finian Paibomasai
Frank Ross & Donna Richoux
Raymond Saumure
Susan Shillingford
Jessie Smythe
Vicki Stevenson
Chris Turnbull
Ellen Weatherbee
Bev Wigney
David J. Wilson
John Wood

...and thank you to our several anonymous donors as well!

We try to update our thank-you list often. If you have recently made a donation, check back soon to see your name among other enthusiastic contributors, who together help to make possible our independent ecological assessment at river crossings of the Energy East Pipeline!

If you or anyone else would like to find out to help further, 
please visit our How You Can Help page.

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